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Feb 18th
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people of the west
Red sandstone canyon walls, thick pine and juniper habitats, narrow backcountry trails, cool waterfalls, pools of water on a hot summer's day and even snowy, stormy winters-all just a perfect place for a boy to explore and find adventure.

For Donal C. Jolley, those scenes and memories of being a boy growing up in Utah's Zion National Park, playing with his siblings would fashion a love just as powerful as the rough, rugged mesas of the American Southwest.
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Lisa Hendy was driving through Wyoming in a blizzard when she received the news that she had just been awarded the National Park Service's (NPS) 2011 Harry Yount National Park Ranger Award for excellence, in effect dubbing her as the best ranger in the nation.

"I had to pull over when my supervisor told me," she told OldWestNewWest.com Travel & History Magazine. "Afterwards, I drove for a while trying to absorb the news and realized I was 11 miles past my turn off. It was overwhelming."

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