Uncommon Journeys: What Great Rail Trips Should Be

Sunday, November 03 2013 21:45 Mike Harris   OnTravel in the West / Paul Lasley
Great food, impeccable service and historic cars make a rail journey that provides a glimpse into what rail travel should be at it's best. Uncommon Journeys, based in Oakland, California, operates more private and special trains than any other travel operator in North America.

uncommon_kyte001Christopher A. Kyte, chairman of
Uncommon Journeys recently sat down with me in a restored Pullman dome/dining car to talk about his company and what elegant train travel should be. This trip to Portland provided a glimpse into just what can be done with rail travel.

Not only luxurious, but totally enjoyable. The dome car, for example, provides a view of the passing scene that simply can't be duplicated in any other form of travel.

This best describes what the company can offer and is from the company's website. "Uncommon Journeys was founded in 1990 and specializes in unique programs featuring both train & ocean liner travel." The company is considered one of the leaders in the rail/cruise niche, enjoying a nationwide reputation for programs that are both innovative and of superb value.

Uncommon Journeys is best known for operating three well-known private luxury rail carriages throughout the United States: the Houston, Los Angeles, and City of Angels. These cars are regarded as among the finest in North America and offer a level of service, dining, and decor rarely matched. In fact, a recent magazine article described the dining aboard ‘Houston' as ‘The Best Food On Rails In North America'."

Click on the audio link to hear Paul's conversation with Christopher Kyte. - The Editor

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