Arizona Reaches Deal to Re-open Grand Canyon National Park

Friday, October 11 2013 21:04   Grand Canyon
Following quickly on the heels of Utah's deal with the federal government to open eight National Park sites in that state, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer late Friday, Oct. 11, 2013, announced she had negotiated an agreement with the Department of the Interior to open Grand Canyon National Park.

Under the agreement negotiated by Brewer, the state will pay the National Park Service $651,000, or $93,000 per-day, to reopen Grand Canyon and fully fund park operations for up to at least seven days using state and other monies.

grandcanyon_e452Entrances to Grand Canyon will open to the public beginning at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12. These include the North Rim Entrance Station, the Desert View Entrance Station, and the South Rim Entrance Station. Visitors should be aware that during the first 48 hours many services will be limited.

"I'm gratified the Obama administration agreed to reverse its policy and allow Arizona to reopen Grand Canyon, Arizona's most treasured landmark and a crucial driver of revenue to the state," said Brewer.

"With a long weekend in front of us, I am thrilled Grand Canyon will be open and fully operational -not only for our national and global travelers who have long-awaited to experience one of the world's Seven Natural Wonders, but for the nearby businesses and communities whose livelihood depends on the tourism it attracts.

"I must especially acknowledge Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan, who has pledged private and town dollars to see this park reopened. I also thank the Arizona Office of Tourism, Arizona Department of Administration, the Arizona State Treasurer and private businesses for their leadership and contributions to this important effort.

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced Thursday that she would consider agreements with governors who indicated an interest and ability to fully fund National Park Service personnel to re-open national parks in their states.

"While this deal will buy us some time and bring back lost revenue to the state, I would hope our elected officials in Washington move urgently to negotiate an immediate end to this government standstill. Arizona is doing what it can to keep the Grand Canyon up and running, but we cannot pay the federal government's tab for long. That said, I am proud to announce Grand Canyon will be open for business for the Columbus Day weekend."

Xanterra South Rim, LLC and Delaware North Companies, Inc. will re-open concessions operated services with limited amenities for the first 48 hours. Guests with hotel reservations should contact Xanterra South Rim directly at (928) 638-2631.

The North Rim will re-open for day use with limited visitor services available. The Grand Canyon Lodge operated by Forever Resorts will also re-open with limited guest services; individuals with lodge reservations should contact Forever Resorts at (877) 386-4383.


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