New Projects on the Horizon for La Frontera Publishing

Saturday, July 27 2013 12:17   Editor's Blog / Mike Harris
Maybe call this a sneak peek of what's ahead for La Frontera Publishing. I'll be formally announcing soon the launch of a series of travel guides to historical places to visit - no, make that places you shouldn't miss.

These will be a mix of travel articles and guidebooks, written by yours truly. The first article will be a list of my 10 favorite historical places in and around Los Angeles, with some personal notes about why these places stand out for me. Additional articles will focus on other major cities in the West.

olvera_3The guidebook series will focus on states in the West with historical places to visit in each when taking vacations or even weekend getaways. The first state in this series will be California.

One of the reasons I'm launching our historical travel series is because over the years I've had friends ask me to come up with lists of historical places to visit. Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, I figured that's a good place to start.

These travel articles and guides will be sold on Amazon and I'm also looking at offering them for sale at Travel & History Magazine, La Frontera Publishing's Internet magazine about the West.

Launch dates are not set, but I anticipate my Top Ten places for Los Angeles will be available within the next couple of months. I've already started writing it. Picking just ten places was tough, believe me. One of my favorite places is Olvera Street, and obviously it made my list. I'm including with this blog a photo I took a few years ago for you to see. Each of my Top Ten will have at least one photo.

I'd like to launch our historical travel guidebook series before the year is over, with the California guidebook on sale in time for Christmas.

I'll have more for you about our new projects within the next couple of weeks.


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