Four Reasons Why You and the Family Should Hit the Road

Wednesday, July 17 2013 06:42   Tips & Guides
Not sure how to make vacations and school breaks count with your family? Discover your own backyard with a family road trip, advised veteran traveler and mother of three Alisa Abecassis.

"With busy lives and, perhaps, lingering anxiety about job security, a family vacation may not be parents' top priority, but if they can pull it off, even if only for a few days, it can be a truly rich experience for both parents and children," said Abecassis, who recently launched, a website filled with resources for travel in the United States.

abecassis_hire headshotA modest investment of time and money creates a lifelong return for each family member, said Abecassis, who began traveling with her three children as a way of forging new bonds with them.

"I've picked up a lot of great tips not only for families, but also for any group or individual who are hungry to eat, drink, sleep and breathe more of what our country has to offer," she said.

Abecassis is the proud mother of three children - Lilia, 17; Isaac, 15; and Joel, 14. After her marriage ended, she decided it was time to strengthen her family's bonds and personal history by traveling and gaining a better appreciation of the West and all of the 50 states that make up the United States of America.

Abecassis began planning themed trips to specific regions of the country. She started in the Pacific Northwest, including Washington and Oregon, which featured dramatic coastal views of waves and sand dunes; farther inland included stops at volcanoes.

Abecassis gives four reasons why parents should take their kids on a road trip:

Abecassis is a prolific blogger and has a bachelor's degree in political science from UCLA. Contact her on Twitter, @ExploreAll50 .