Kauai’s East Side Resorts Unite to Support Historic Destination

Tuesday, February 19 2013 21:28   Western Travel Buzz
With the goal of broadening awareness of Kauai's Wailua to Kapaa corridor as an attractive and historic destination in Hawaii, a group of nine dedicated property managers on Kauai's east side have recently put their resources together to unite and organize as the Royal Coconut Coast Association (RCCA).

The organization is pointing to convenience, centrality and moderate lodging rates as a key attraction to potential travelers. A recent supportive effort by Kauai County's Office of Economic Development and the Kauai Visitors Bureau has spurred its formation.

kawai_cyclers"We congratulate the Royal Coconut Coast Association for taking the initiative to showcase all there is for visitors to enjoy on Kauai's east side," said Sue Kanoho, executive director of the Kauai Visitors Bureau. "The association's marketing efforts will be good for Kauai and reinforce the diversity of activities and attractions on our island."

RCCA's new website,
www.royalcoconutcoast.com, hones in on the area's unique features, such as the Ke Ala Hele Makalae coastal bike trail, the eclectic mix of water activities on the Wailua River, historic sites, and the region's several beach parks.

Kauai has a unique history, being the oldest inhabited of the main Hawaiian Islands and the only island that was not conquered by King Kamehameha in his attempt to unite all the Hawaiian Islands.

King Kamehameha twice built up his army in hopes of conquering the last islands of Kauai and Niihau. Both times he was unable to make the voyage to Kauai, first due to a rebellion in 1796 and then in 1803 an outbreak of disease prevented the King and his army from leaving Oahu.

Kamehameha recovered and continued to build his army; the soldiers, weapons, and ships Kamehameha had at his discretion far surpassed any of the resources available on Kauai.

The King of Kauai and Niihau at the time, King Kaumualii, decided to avoid the inevitable bloodshed and instead came to a peaceful resolution with Kamehameha in 1810. Kaumualii continued to serve as governor of Kauai under the united Hawaiian Kingdom ruled by King Kamehameha.

Tsunami Marketing of Kauai assisted with the brand process and web development. Next on the organization's task list is to invite area businesses and organizations into the fold through membership.

Accommodations, dining, golf, hiking and area services information are found on the site as well. In addition, RCCA is building website traffic through advertising and public relations activities, including a Facebook page and an ongoing Google Adwords campaign.

Future plans include cooperation with Kauai County and the Kauai Visitors Bureau on an assortment of marketing projects.

The region has undergone infrastructure and resort improvements over the last few years with the addition of Kauai's coastal bike trail, expansion of beach park facilities and adding a multi-use path at Lydgate Park.

Several major resorts have recently completed renovations. The area has also seen new restaurants, cafes and boutique shops established. With on-going improvements to the area, RCCA's principle organizers determined that supporting a unified effort was timely and feasible.


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