Kernville’s Frandy Park Campground Caters To River Rafting, Kayaking Enthusiasts

Saturday, September 01 2012 10:22   Camping
Californians normally think of river rafting and kayaking in the springtime, when the rivers are running high with snowmelt from the Sierra. But while fast water is fine and good, Vince Ybarra thinks novices may be more comfortable testing the waters over Labor Day weekend.

"When the water is moving slower, it's easier to learn and you won't get scared," said Ybarra, 63, a kayaking enthusiast who has frequently camped at Frandy Park Campground in Kernville for the past 27 years.

frandy_raftersThe campground runs alongside the Kern River, creating an ideal location for people who want to enjoy the water while spending quality time with their friends and family.

Ybarra raised his three boys and two adopted girls with a family camping tradition at Frandy Park Campground, which is about a four-hour drive from his home in Oxnard. "Now my granddaughters love going there," he said, adding that he taught them how to kayak in late summer, when the Kern River is calm.

"There will be enough water (over Labor Day weekend) so we can run a kayak down to the lake. There will still be water to play or fish in," he said.

Ybarra said he likes Frandy Park Campground because the campground is clean and the park managers enforce quiet hours. "You can have a campfire and just enjoy the evening," he said. "I camp in a tent. But our friends bring their motor homes and park there, too."

This weekend, Ybarra plans to camp with 15 friends at Frandy Park. But while Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer for many people, Ybarra said he'll come back to Frandy Park Campground another couple of times later this year to take part in Kernville's fall festivals, which include the 21st annual Fat Fire Festival, Oct. 19 to 21, 2012.

The Kern River also is an angler's dream, with an abundance of golden, rainbow, and brown trout, small and largemouth bass, and crappie. Guests of the campground can also enjoy canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and more.

The campground offers pull out access for rafting and has three rafting companies located onsite. The river is just steps away from your campsite. Enjoy watching wildlife or studying nature; you can even bring your camera and snap some breathtaking photos.

Other activities at the campground include picnicking, playing outdoor games, or just relaxing beneath the oak trees. If you're looking to escape the hectic city life, or you just enjoy being in the outdoors, Frandy is the ideal place for your camping experience.

If you need to get out and about and see what else the Kerm River area has to offer, Frandy is in a great location for enjoying the surrounding area.

The Kern River Valley campground is just a short walk from the western-style downtown Kernville, where visitors can enjoy antique shops, the Kern Valley Museum, a Silver City Ghost Town, and unique dining opportunities.

Nightly dancing and weekend live bands are available at several dinner houses in the area, and you can always find some bingo or other group activities. There are several golf courses in Kernville and the surrounding area, including the Kern Valley Golf Course.

The Kern River Valley campground is also in close proximity to a variety of outdoor recreation, including backpacking, wind surfing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and more. Frandy is within easy driving distance of Lake Isabella, the Sequoia National Forest, and other natural areas where visitors can enjoy what makes a camping trip so memorable.

For more information on Frandy Park Campground, contact Beverly Demitriff at (760) 376-6483 or visit the Website at


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