Rangers Identify Woman Who Died in Yellowstone Fall

Monday, June 11 2012 19:59   Yellowstone
Yellowstone National Park rangers have identified the woman who accidentally fell to her death on June 7, 2012 as 18-year old Maria "Masha" Sergeyevna Rumyantseva of Kaliningrad, Russia.

Rumyantseva was a Yellowstone concession employee on her first day in the park when the accident happened. She was hiking the canyon's North Rim Trail with three other acquaintances when she ventured out off trail onto a loose rock promontory. The rock quickly gave way underneath her, according to reports.

inspiration_point_upcanyonDespite the hazardous terrain, Rumyantseva's body was successfully recovered from the canyon by short-haul helicopter operation at approximately noon on June 8.
Rangers responded to a 911 cell phone call received at 5:44 p.m. Thursday, reporting a woman had fallen into the canyon.

With the assistance of ground spotters and a Teton Interagency helicopter, rangers observed the woman's body resting approximately 400 feet down the canyon wall. They concluded that she had sustained non-survivable injuries.

Visitors are reminded that hiking close to canyon rims in the park is extremely dangerous. Staying on posted, designated canyon rim trails is a must due to the instability of loose dirt and rock near ledges.

The accident remains under investigation, rangers said.

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