Grand Canyon’s North Rim to Celebrate Western Arts Day

Wednesday, June 29 2011 06:40   Grand Canyon
Western Arts Day, an annual celebration of Grand Canyon National Park's history and culture, will be held at the North Rim Saturday, July 9, 2011.

Western Arts Day commemorates the western way of life which helps define what Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona, and Southern Utah are today.

grca_mtn_menA variety of activities will take place in locations throughout the North Rim's developed area. Visitors will experience a range of events and displays including cowboy poetry and music, flint-knapping, beading, roping, and 1840s-era survival skills.

The event starts at noon at the Grand Canyon Lodge and will conclude with an 8 p.m. evening program. Events will take place at the auditorium and grassy square east of the lodge.

Regularly scheduled ranger programs will take place in various locations throughout the North Rim developed area. Visitors may inquire at the North Rim, or at any Grand Canyon National Park Visitor Center, for a complete list of event activities, as well as times and locations.

Support for this event is provided by donations received through the Grand Canyon Association and Forever Resorts.

For additional information about Western Arts Day, contact Robin Tellis, North Rim District interpreter, at (928) 638-7739.

Advance overnight lodging reservations for North Rim facilities may be made by contacting Forever Resorts, at their toll free number (877) 386-4383 or at (480) 998-1981. Additional information is available at their Web site at

Advance reservations for the North Rim Campground can be made on line at or by calling (877) 444-6777.

For additional information about Grand Canyon National Park, call (928) 638-7888 or visit the park's Web site at .

Each year, nearly 5 million visitors experience Grand Canyon National Park. Most see it from their car at overlooks along the South Rim, which includes Grand Canyon Village, Hermits Rest, and Desert View. The South Rim is the most accessible part of the park and is open all year.

A much smaller number of visitors see the Canyon from the North Rim, which lies just 10 miles directly across the Canyon from the South Rim.

The North Rim rises a thousand feet higher than the South Rim, and is much less accessible. Heavy snows close the road to the North Rim from late October to mid May of each year.

Even in good weather the North Rim is harder to get to. It is 220 miles by car from the South Rim, or 21 miles by foot across the canyon by way of the North and South Kaibab Trails.

There is only one way to cross by automobile, and that is 137 miles from the South Rim Village at Marble Canyon, Ariz. driving over the Navajo Bridge, a few miles downstream from Lees Ferry, where the Canyon is only 400 feet wide.


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