Roundup! Book Signing a Good Excuse to See WWA Friends

Sunday, January 02 2011 18:11   Editor's Blog / Mike Harris
One of the great fans - and friends - of Western writing is Larry Siegel, community relations manager for Barnes & Noble's North Scottsdale, Ariz., store. Larry not only enjoys a good tale about the Old West, he's also a big supporter of Western authors, and in particular, the Western Writers of America (WWA).

So when I got an email from Miles Swartout, one of the WWA's members telling me Larry and the WWA were setting up a December book signing for Roundup! - the Western Writers of America's latest Western anthology - well, I had to be there.

roundup_signingazYou see, Roundup! is published by my company, La Frontera Publishing, and Miles, a close pal, is one of the authors featured in the anthology. It also was a good excuse for me to go visit one of my favorite cities in the West.

Things came together pretty well, and on Dec. 11, the store played host to seven of Roundup!'s authors, including Johnny Boggs, Tom Carpenter, Paul Andrew Hutton (the anthology's editor), Cheewa James, Susan Cummins Miller, Miles Swarthout, and Robert Utley. Also on hand was Candy Moulton, editor for the WWA's member magazine, and an accomplished Western author.

Each author also brought some of their own works for signing, and a couple of local Arizona authors also were invited to the signing.

The afternoon went pretty well, and it was great to catch up with what each author was doing.

From the beginning, Roundup! was an exciting project for me and my company.

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