Jellystone Park Camp Resorts Using Fun Activities, Themed Weekends to Connect Families

Tuesday, August 03 2010 03:00   Camping
Jellystone Park Camp Resorts is using fun family activities, themed weekends and special events to help families build memories to last a lifetime.

When people go camping, they expect to see people in short pants and t-shirts. Some may be outfitted with a backpack and hiking boots, while others are armed with a fishing pole. But at Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts, guests also likely to bump into pirates, cowboys, wannabe Olympic champions or people decked out in Hawaiian shirts and lays as well as Yogi Bear himself.

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"We know we've done our job when the kids are crying on Sunday because they don't want to go home," said Steve Stafford, who manages the Jellystone Park in Burleson, Texas, one of the newest additions to the group of themed, family RV campgrounds.

"Parents and grandparents often thank us for these activities because it gives them a chance to interact with their children in ways they may not normally do when they are at home. It brings them closer and gives them special memories," he added.

And while the nation's 70 plus Jellystone Park RV campgrounds and cabin rentals are in scenic locations with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, most Jellystone Park campers come for the fun family activities, themed weekends and special events.

These include chocolate lovers' weekends, with chocolate pudding wrestling and chocolate slip and slides; pirate themed weekends with costume contests and themed activities for the whole family; as well as Country weekends with watermelon seed spittin' contests and monster truck rides.

Some Jellystone Parks even offer dinosaur themed weekends in which kids can dig through sand to look for fossils and other prizes.

Debbie Ingram, who converted her Forsyth, Mo. RV campground and cabin rentals to a Jellystone Park franchise earlier this year, said she was surprised by the level of parental involvement in campground activities.

"I was initially under the impression that parents wanted us to entertain their kids while they sat back and relaxed. But that's not the case. The parents want to get involved with their kids in many of these activities, particularly our competitive activities."

Ingram has activities and special events every weekend at her Missouri RV campground this summer and fall, including a Western themed weekend on July 16 to 18.

"We'll have a hay bale throwing contest, a bean spittin' contest, and a rootbeer chuggin' contest in a special way! among other activities," she said.

Launched in 1969, the Jellystone Park system is the second largest chain of campgrounds in the United States, boasting 75 campgrounds with more than 15,000 campsites in 28 states and Canada.

Its Camp-Resorts, which focus on the family market, are among the best campgrounds in the industry, the company said, with a quality reputation for being fun, friendly, clean and service-oriented parks. Additionally, each Jellystone Park is themed with Yogi Bear elements providing instant recognition and consumer appeal. It is truly a place "Where You Camp With Friends."

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts are franchised through Leisure Systems, Inc. (LSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Park River Corporation, Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information, visit

For more information on activities and themed weekends offered by Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts across the country, visit The Web site lists every Jellystone location and includes links to individual park Web sites, which include detailed event and activity listings.