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Feb 17th
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How can we better serve you?

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Sure, I know, it's early December and you've lots on your mind. Probably you've yet to pick out a tree, put the outside lights up, and remember where you put the illuminated, plastic made-in-China Santa Claus that traditionally goes in the front yard.

The list in front of you is almost too much to think about. Where will you find the new Super Mario Bros. Wii game that Junior wants? Can you get the spare bedroom cleaned up before jolly Aunt Molly arrives for her week-long stay?

With all of that pressing on your mind, here I am asking you to think about one more thing: OldWestNewWest.com Travel & History Magazine.

How can we better serve you?

I mean, what would you like to see us cover each month; the stories, features and travel ideas that you would enjoy reading, and even seeing via video on our eZine?

Any editor worth his or her salt knows that if a publication or Web site isn't in tune with its readers, or viewers, it won't be around much longer. Bottom line: You have to understand what you, the user, wants.

So, what would you like to see?

More coverage of rodeos? Maybe tips and suggestions that will make your summer vacation in the West more enjoyable, such as what's the best way to really enjoy the Grand Canyon?

Please go to our eZine -
www.oldwestnewwest.com - and take a few moments to give us your feedback in the poll we've set up on the lower right hand corner of just about any page you land on. Check the box you really want to see given more coverage.

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