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Feb 22nd
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Home People & Lifestyle Editor's Blog A River of Money from Congress, a Trickle for Grand Canyon

A River of Money from Congress, a Trickle for Grand Canyon

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Politics is the art of making yourself look good, so maybe that's why there's so much finger pointing about how many jobs really have been created by the borrowed money flowing from Congress.

Think about it. It's like a river of money, or should I say, a river of red ink. A torrent of billions of dollars cascading out of Washington, D.C., feeding a variety of bureaucratic streams with millions of greenbacks, and the millions then flowing into numerous regional creeks, brooks and rivulets that trickle tens of thousands of bucks into local work projects. And, of course, someone says he or she was responsible for the bounty.

For the moment, forget where the billions come from (you know: it's us). So where does it all go?

Usually I scratch my head in wonder, but one place where I can see how the latest federal largesse is having some kind of a positive impact is at Grand Canyon National Park, funding some of the much-needed repairs and deferred maintenance projects.

Earlier this month I received a press release from the rangers at Grand Canyon, updating OldWestNewWest.com Travel & History Magazine on some of those projects.

According to the release, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) passed earlier this year earmarked $3 billion to the Department of the Interior. Of that amount, the National Park Service received $750 million. Grand Canyon received about $10 million of that sum to pay for 11 park projects.

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