Go West, Young Women

Saturday, January 31 2009 22:09   Book Reviews
Review by Christie Ridgway
Dorothy Garlock's Leaving Whiskey Bend is a compelling turn-of-the-century Western that blends three women's struggles to survive with a ranching family's lingering mystery.
Single women Hallie, Pearl and Mary flee the Colorado town of Whiskey Bend in order to save Mary from her lecherous and cruel stepbrother. But their escape takes them into a violent storm where they're found by rancher Eli Morgan and his uncle. The two take the women home and take them in while Mary fights off illness.

But there are other difficulties yet to be met in the guise of Eli's unfriendly mother, two townspeople who have it in for Eli, and the unsolved mystery of who killed Eli's younger brother four years before. As romance blooms in this unexpected place, there is also the lingering fear that leaving Whiskey Bend might have lingering repercussions.

A final violent showdown and a gratifying ending for the characters make the latest from Garlock, an accomplished author of more than 50 novels, a satisfying read.

Christie Ridgway is the author of the contemporary romance, Unravel Me.

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