The West’s Shortest River Is In Which State?

Wednesday, December 31 2008 00:00   Quiz / Poll Answers
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Answer: Oregon

The title for shortest river in the West has gone back and forth between Oregon and Montana, but currently the cross-state rivalry favors Oregon. The shortest river in the West, if not the entire U.S., is the D River, running just 120 feet from Devils Lake into the mighty Pacific Ocean.

At 200 feet, Montana's Roe River held the shortest river title for awhile. The river runs between Giant Springs and the Missouri River near Great Falls. Of course, it all depends on how you measure it.

You can visit the D River; it's part of the D River Wayside State Park just off the Oregon Coast Highway 101 north of Lincoln City. There is no fee to use this park. For information, call (800) 551-6949.

Source: U.S. Geological Survey, Oregon Parks and Recreation